Energy & Carbon

  • 67 MW of installed solar capacity (roof top & ground).
  • Setting up innovation center E-hub and 16 GWh Lithium Ion Cell manufacturing I Telangana
  • Setting up India’s first green hydrogen fueling station in Leh
  • Setting up 200 MW AC / 290 MW DC Solar Power Plant at Gadag, Karnataka for Sterlite Power which is our largest single order value wise.
  • 00 MW of installed renewable, another 500 MW in progress.
  • Renewable energy solutions (EV chargers, Li Ion packs for e-mobility etc.).
  • Investment into new energy start-ups in India and abroad in Lithium Ion and New energy.
  • Development of India’s First 21700 Cylindrical Cell (NMC 811) & 1st to achieve IATF 16949:2016.

Water Stewardship

  • We manage our water resources effectively and are Water positive.
  • A total of 23 check-dams have been installed around the community in which we operate.
  • We have also carried out 6 ponds restoration works.
  • All Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited plants have World class Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewerage Treatment Plants and Zero Liquid Discharge Plants installed.
  • Water meters are installed at all strategic inlets and outlets to accurately measure water consumption and treatment.
  • Recharge pits have been developed for capturing rain water and recharging ground water levels.
  • As part of CSR Activities water storage tanks have been constructed in villages for collection of rain water during monsoon.

Circular Economy

As a result of our Technology and Research efforts, there have been a plethora of benefits that could be brought over the years and a list of such benefits but not limited to these alone are given below:

  • We are driving the movement to a circular economy—one that is aimed at limiting the use of virgin materials, minimizing waste and making the best use of natural resources. Circular systems use methods such as reuse, repair and recycling to minimize waste, pollution and carbon emissions.
  • 70% of our Raw Material is recycled.
  • We are setting up a Greenfield lead recycling unit at Chennai with a recycling capacity of up to 1.5 lac Metric tonnes.
  • Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited is registered with CPCB as a producer under Batteries Waste Management Rules, 2022 and are working towards meeting our extended producer responsibilities (EPR).
  • Our Operations and research teams are constantly striving for Product innovations to increase product life, reduce weight, improve corrosion resistance & enhance product safety.
  • Foreign exchange earnings
  • Penetration into newer markets
  • Resource saving